Room rates and booking

Pri­ce list 2021

Room pri­ces (dou­ble bed room is the pri­ce for 2 per­sons) inclu­ding bre­ak­fast per day/room.

All rooms are equip­ped with sho­wer and WC, TV, tele­pho­ne with direct dialing out of the hou­se and into the room. Inter­net access via net­work cable and password.

Par­king direct­ly at the hou­se, ele­va­tor avail­ab­le. Equip­ment accord­ing to the cri­te­ria of the Ger­man hotel clas­si­fi­ca­ti­on *** stars.

Brin­ging pets is not allowed.

Depen­ding on the season Pri­ce in €*
Sin­gle room Stan­dard (north side)
Sin­gle room Pre­mi­um (south side)
from 82,00
from 95,00
Dou­ble room Stan­dard (north side) from 120,00
Dou­ble room Pre­mi­um (south side, view) from 130,00
Dou­ble room “Häus­la” or “Gale­rie” (south side, view) from 135,00

*incl. Bre­ak­fast

Boo­king is very easy:

NOTE ONLINE BOO­KING: Plea­se note that our rooms in the online boo­king por­tal are only sam­ple images in the respec­ti­ve cate­go­ries. The spe­ci­fic boo­king of a room is not yet pos­si­ble through the system. We are always try­ing to find the best room for you. If you should attach import­ance to some­thing spe­ci­fic (car­pet, bar­ri­er-free, etc.), plea­se let us know separately.